Strategic Minerals completes Deep Digital Cornwall project, increasing confidence in Redmoor licence

10:38, 10th November 2023
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Strategic Minerals (SMLFollow | SML, an exploration and mining company focused on critical minerals, announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Cornwall Resources Limited (CRL) has completed the Deep Digital Cornwall (DDC) project over its Redmoor licence area in Cornwall.

DDC was one of the most detailed soil sampling programmes ever implemented in Cornwall. It was led by the University of Exeter's Camborne School of Mines (CSM), in which CRL and Cornish Lithium were delivery partners. DDC was funded by the European Regional Development Fund and administered through HM Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

Strategic Minerals announced the completion of all DDC field activities and the submission of the data to the Camborne School of Mines. DDC outputs include analytical data from 2,184 soil samples, a detailed ground gravity survey with 3D interpretation, an aerial survey of the Redmoor area, and 460m of BoxScan data from CRL borehole CRD031.

Following the completion of grant-funded activities, CRL is continuing to work on output datasets from DDC, including digitalisation and mapping of historical datasets, analysing the aerial survey outputs and integration of all geophysical datasets into a case study, as well as targeting soil anomalies for further study.


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Strategic Minerals' 100%-owned Cornwall Resources Limited (CRL) has now completed the Deep Digital Cornwall project, producing one of the most detailed and comprehensive datasets covering mineral license areas in the UK. CRL used its Redmoor exploration licence area as a field laboratory for the collection of geochemical and geophysical data, which has now been made available for public access.

The outputs provide a highly detailed and overlapping dataset, which is expected to increase CRL's understanding of the geology and minerals prospectivity of its larger licence area, and further highlight potential target areas for follow-up exploration.

Furthermore, soil sample results have provided validation of CRL's Mineral Prospectivity Map (MPM), first announced in September 2022, suggesting that exploration methodologies undertaken as part of the DDC program are effective in identifying new geochemical targets. A new work programme has already been initiated on Target 1, which contains Tin-Tungsten and Copper-Lead-Zinc soil anomalies located near a previously identified granite upwelling and within a prospective zone highlighted by the MPM mapping.

Now that DDC has concluded, CRL aims to further advance the work undertaken through the completion of a case study, modelling of project data, and aforementioned follow-up exploration. The new datasets have bolstered CRL's understanding of the existing resource and hence derisked the Redmoor project further. CRL says it is in discussions with potential partners to advance follow-up activities.

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