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Polarean Imaging's Xenon MRI technology to be featured at premier respiratory summit

09:00, 8th May 2024
Victor Parker
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Polarean Imaging (POLXFollow | POLX, a UK-based medical imaging technology company, announced its participation as a featured company and poster presenter at the American Thoracic Society's 2024 Respiratory Innovation Summit (RIS), taking place on 17-18 May in San Diego.

Polarean has been selected for the summit for its disruptive XENOVIEW hyperpolarised Xenon MRI contrast agent. XENOVIEW is inhaled, then dissolves into lung tissue and enters the pulmonary microvasculature, allowing non-invasive MRI detection of microvascular blood flow impairment such as pre- and post-capillary pulmonary hypertension.

The event this year will feature a wide range of Xenon MRI displays, more than all previous years combined. There will be 33 presentations from 10 different sites across multiple categories, including asthma, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, COPD, COVID-19, cystic fibrosis, hematopoietic stem cell transplant, lung cancer resection, radiation-induced lung injury, pulmonary arterial hypertension, and thoracic insufficiency syndrome.


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Polarean has been invited to be the lead presenter at the RIS summit in San Diego, a premier event in the field of pulmonary medicine that brings together companies, investors, clinicians, and advocacy groups. The event has historically attracted over 200 leaders from across the industry, including start-ups, venture capital, government, and academia.

The announcement represents further recognition of XENOVIEW's value in pulmonary care. Polarean's Xenon MRI imaging platform promises to revolutionise medical imaging with the ability to illuminate hidden diseases non-invasively. This can enable early intervention and significantly improve patient outcomes. The summit will present significant opportunities for Polarean to spotlight its Xenon MRI platform and engage future potential partners and customers.

Last month, POLX secured a key US patent for Xenon MRI imaging, expanding the utility of its technology in the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases of the pulmonary vasculature. With the patent, Polarean's Xenon MRI platform can see expanded use in the US, following initial receipt of FDA approval in December 2022. To fully avail of the new patent, POLX is working to secure a gas exchange indication for XENOVIEW from the FDA, with an associated clinical trial expected soon.

Currently, pulmonary vascular disease (PVD) is a significant global health challenge, affecting the intricate network of blood vessels within lung tissue and connecting the lung to the heart. There is presently no easy method for directly measuring blood flow and pressure in the lungs, with the conventional approach requiring the insertion of an invasive catheter. The absence of effective non-invasive tools for assessing pulmonary vascular function remains a persistent barrier to early diagnosis and monitoring of PVD.

Based on initial deployments, industry interest, and today's announcement, there is good reason to believe in XENOVIEW's long-term success. Last year's approval of a new C-code from US Medicare, corresponding to a payment range of US$1,201 to US$1,300, was a major milestone. The new code, along with additional existing codes for XENOVIEW MRI, enables hospitals to request a total reimbursement of approx. $2,500, which is a significant incentive. POLX has confirmed that its initial clinical sites have attained reimbursement by both private insurers and Medicaid, and said it is working to broaden coverage.

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