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BiVictriX Therapeutics’s second programme shows early promise in targeting ovarian cancer

09:37, 30th November 2023
Lauren Gibbons
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BiVictriX Therapeutics (BVXFollow | BVX, a UK-based drug discovery and development company, has finalised the sequences for BVX002, its second program focusing on solid tumor indications, primarily ovarian cancer. 

These selected antibody sequences demonstrate potent efficacy and specificity against targeted cancer cells compared to non-target cells, passing initial developmental assessments. 

Initial data from patient samples suggests BVX002's targeted antigen fingerprint is prevalent in various solid tumor indications, notably high-grade serous ovarian cancer (expressed in >86% of patient samples), offering substantial commercial potential for addressing this unmet medical need.

Tiffany Thorn, Chief Executive Officer of BiVictriX Therapeutics plc, said: "ADCs have demonstrated incredible promise as an alternative therapeutic option to current monotherapies and combination therapies across difficult-to-treat cancers, backed by high specificity, versatility and selectivity.”

“We have been encouraged by BiVictriX's progress to date in our lead BVX001 programme for the treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and are also pleased by the further development and expansion of our proprietary ADC pipeline, where BVX002 is showing early promise in targeting high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma, which accounts for 75% of epithelial ovarian cancers. We expect to identify a lead development candidate for BVX002 in 2024 and look forward to providing our shareholders with further updates as appropriate."

View from Vox 

BiVictriX remains well positioned in one of the fastest-growing markets in oncology, The global precision oncology market size was valued at US$100.06 billion in 2022 and is projected to surpass US$258.35 billion by 2032, with the therapeutics segment contributing the largest revenue share of 72% in 2022.

BiVictriX’s success is underpinned by its Bi-Cygni® therapeutics technology, which identifies cancer-specific ‘fingerprints’-  novel combinations of antigens that are co-expressed on cancer cells but largely absent on healthy cells.

Benefits offered by Bi-Cygni® therapeutics include significantly reduced toxicity enabling higher dosing and greater efficacy, with this reduced toxicity expanding options for combinatorial therapies.  Combinatorial therapies decrease the chance a tumor will be resistant to the treatment.

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